How do I add a deficiency?



What is a Deficiency?

Deficiency- A deficiency is an issue with your facility or asset that should be repaired or replaced.  Within Facilitize there are three different kinds of deficiencies:

  1. Replacement Model Generated- Occur when a building system is beyond its useful life and requires replacement.
  2. Asset Generated- Asset beyond useful life.
  3. Inspection Generated- This is what shows up under the deficiencies tab.  These are issues that have been identified with an assessment or an inspection. These issues could include water damage, code violations, ADA compliance issues, or anything that should be repaired or replaced.

How do I add a deficiency?

  • To add a deficiency, go to the navigation bar of the application and click deficiencies.
  • Underneath the Deficiencies tab, click Add New. The Add New tab will take you to the add deficiencies form where you can add all of the information for your deficiency.  

  • Once the information is filled out and reviewed click save

  • Your deficiency is saved when you are taken to the Deficiency Details screen and you see “Deficiency Created,” at the top of the page.



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