How do I add a work order priority?



What is a work order priority?

Work Order Priority - Every work order is associated with one work order type. This is a customizable list that helps categorize your work orders.  By default, the following work order types are prepopulated in the system: preventative maintenance, projects, reactive maintenance, scheduled maintenance.

How do I add a work order priority?

  • To add a work order priority, click the work order tab in the navigation bar of the application.
  • Underneath the work order tab click settings and then work order priority. 

  • This will take you to the work order priority list. 
  • From the work order priority list, click add new on the top right of the work order priority list box. 

  • Here you will be taken to the add work order priority screen where you can add the details you need and then click save.

  • It has been successfully saved when you see work order priority saved.
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