How do I add e-mail templates?



  • To edit e-mail templates, click settings on the settings the navigation bar of the application.
  • After you click settings, click notification settings.
  • From the notification settings drop-down box, click notification templates.  This will take you to the notification templates list.

  • To add a new template, click add new on the top right of the notification templates list box.  You will be directed to the add notification templates form. 

  • Once the form is filled out and reviewed click save.  The template has been saved when you see notification template created at the top of the notification template details page.

  • To help ease and personalize the creation of templates, you can use template variables.
  • To use the variables select the template type, then click save.  On the next screen, you will see a list of variables you can use in the body of your template. For example, if one of the variables is {first-name}, it can be used like “Hello {first-name}."

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