How do I add a work order status?



What is a work order status?

Work Order Status – Over the lifespan of a work order, it will transition between various statuses. For example, a work order when initially created may be set to the “new” status, once it is assigned it can be set to the “in progress” status, when you are waiting on parts it can be set to the “on hold” status.  We recognize that every business has a different workflow and process.  The available work order statuses and the transitions between them may be customized to meet your operational needs.

How do I add a work order status?

  • To add a work order status, click the work order tab in the navigation bar of the application.
  • Underneath the work order tab click settings and then work order status. 

  • This will take you to the work order status list. 
  • From the work order status list click add new on the top right of the work order status list box. 

  • Here you will be taken to the add work order status screen where you can add the details you need and then click save.

  • It has been successfully saved when you see work order status saved.
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